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Theses - Request a UK PhD Theses

The British Library has set up EThOS, a service which enables individuals to access PhD theses directly. EThOS currently provides details of more than 250,000 theses.

Accessing EThOS

The following link is currently unavailable due to issues at the British Library. Please contact for further information - 05/01/2024

Register at 

Sign in and search for the item. In the list of results:  

If a Thesis is available for immediate download.

You will see a green open lock icon. Click on the title.

  • In the record click on the download button
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Tick the Thesis title and click on the download button.
  • A pdf will be downloaded.

If a Thesis needs to be digitised

You will see a scanning icon. Click on the title.

  • If the button says Check scan fee and order a copy a fee is involved you can make an Inter Library Loan request. Please specify that it is a PhD Thesis

  • If the button says Order from print (no fee applies), click on the button and Add To Basket.
  • Tick the item and click on Confirm
  • You will receive notification by email when the thesis is available for download.

If a Thesis not available via Ethos
Make an Inter Library loan request. Please specify that it is a PhD Thesis and that it is not available via ethos, eg: ‘N/A Ethos’.

If you would like more advice and support on using EThOS, please contact your subject librarian or email: