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Print, Copy and Scan

You can print, copy and scan at any of our printers.

  • Sizes A4 and A3. If you need to print a larger size see our Large Format Printing article for high quality prints and posters.
  • Print in Black & White or Colour
  • Print on coloured paper or card
  • Staple your work
  • Email scans to your Outlook

Instructions are displayed above all library printers. View our Copyright Library Guide to understand what you can legally copy.


Add money to your University ID card to print

To print or photocopy you will need to add money to your University ID card with a debit or credit card. You can do this:

Please note: we are no longer able to accept payment in person or online with an American Express card

Send your document to the printer

If you are printing from your laptop, phone or email please follow the instructions below. Make sure you are connected to our Wi-Fi.

If you are printing from one of our PCs/Macs:

  • Go to Print on your document
  • The printers default to Black and White, double sided. If you want to change this go to the Settings / Printer properties where you can also select to staple your work.
  • Select Print on MyPrint as the printer
  • Click on Print
  • Go to any printer in the library

Using the Printers

Once you have sent your document to print:

  • Go to any printer in the library
  • Tap the touch screen
  • Make sure Print is selected on the top tabs
  • Swipe your University ID card through a reader located at the side of the printer
  • If you do not have your card, tap the screen and enter your University username and password
  • Select the item you want to print from the list and press Print or select Print All
  • Press Log out

Charges for printing and copying

Black and White Prints or Photocopies
Sizes A4 A3
B&W per side 5p     10p  
B&W double sided 9p 19p
Colour Prints or Photocopies
Sizes A4 A3
Colour per side 25p 35p
Colour double sided 45p 65p