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Stationery and Art Supplies

The following items are available for purchase from the Reception Desk on level 1 in the Charles Seale-Hayne Library. Further supplies are available from the Paper Store in the Scott Building.

Prices as of 1st August 2021.

Price List
Binding Bundles
Comb Binder 1 A4 acetate cover + 1 A4 card + 1 spine £0.75
Wire Binder 1 A4 acetate cover + 1 A4 card + 1 spine £0.90
Fastback Binder 1 A4 acetate cover + 1 A4 card + 1 spine £0.95
Uni Binder A4 cover only £1.30
Channel Binder A4 cover only £6.00
Binding Spines
Comb Binder Plastic spiral spine                                   £0.35
Wire Binder Metal spiral spine £0.90
Fastback Binder Fabric spine £0.95
Uni Binder Hard plastic spine £1.30
Channel Binder Hardback spine £6.00
A4 pre-punched acetate sheet                                              £0.20
A4 acetate sheet (not punched) £0.20
A3 acetate sheet (not punched) £0.40
Card 160gsm
A4 Card in white, black, yellow, red, green or blue                £0.20
A3 Card in white or black £0.40
Tracing Paper
A4 Sheet                                                                               £0.20
A3 Sheet £0.45
A4 Pouch                                                                              £0.20
A3 Pouch £0.40
Art Boards
A1 Daler board in all white                                                   £1.75
A1 Daler board in black & white £1.75
A1 Foam board £3.00
A1 Grey modelling card 0.75mm £0.75
A1 Grey modelling card 1.5mm £1.75
CDs and DVDs
CD-R                                                                                    £0.60
CD-RW £1.10
DVD-RW £2.20
CD Wallet £0.50