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If you are experiencing odd errors with university pages loading, or when logging in, deleting your cookies and cache data will always be the first troubleshooting step.

If you are using an NHS device please follow the instructions to use an Incognito or InPrivate browsing window. This is due to NHS laptops often remembering your NHS login details, or having other safety protocols governed by the NHS, that can cause multiple errors when using University systems.

Why Delete Cookies and Cache?

Browsers store cookies and cache for every site you visit. Cookies are files that save browsing data and cached files remember specific parts of the site (such as images). This allows pages to open and load faster. 

Occasionally these pieces of information will build up and cause errors to appear on pages. These can include:

  • Returning an error when trying to log in
  • Returning an error saying the page cannot be loaded
  • Not loading the page at all (white screen)

Instructions to delete cookies and cache

Pick the correct instructions for your device below:

Instructions to delete cookies and cache data: