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Wireless network

University students should use eduroam to connect to the wireless network as this provides a secure and fast service.

To log in on your device you need your University email address and password. 

For more help see our guide here.

Connecting Devices

For devices that cannot connect to Eduroam because they do not support username and password authentication:

  • Connect your device to the wireless network UoP Connect* (recommended for smart TVs, Amazon Echo, games consoles and some gaming platforms e.g. Steam and Discord

*Connect to UoP Connect this way:

  • Going to your Wi-Fi settings you will see a new wireless network called 'UoP Connect' 
  • To access 'UoP Connect' you will need to visit and sign in with your University username and password. This will provide you with a unique pre-shared key (passphrase) as shown below (please do not share this with others as it is linked to your Uop account) 

  • From the portal above you can email the key/passphrase to yourself, or when you are in range of the UoP Connect network scan the QR code to connect your device. 

Please note:

If gaming online you cannot host your own server.